Heat Pump Repair in Gilbert, AZ: DIY or Call the Pros?

At about 43?F, which is the average winter temperature in Arizona, you need your heat pump to step up.

If it delivers an inconsistent heating cycle or, worse, stops running entirely, you’ll be in for a cold treat, at least until you fix the problem.

So, is your heat pump ready for the cold season that’s fast creeping in on us? The only way to know is to watch out for the signs of a faulty heat pump, and then make repairs before it’s too late.

But, should you perform heat pump repair yourself (DIY) or call in the professionals?

DIY Saves Money

DIY is all the rage right now, thanks to homeowners’ surging appetite to save money on repairs.

A faulty heat pump is a perfect opportunity to save a few bucks. Depending on the type of your heat pump and kind of repair it needs, a professional repair service will cost you anywhere from $60 to north of $1,000. The average cost is about $300.

If you know a thing or two about heat pump repair (and if you don’t, there are DIY videos to guide you), taking on the task could save you a tidy sum.

DIY Increases Your Knowledge of Heat Pumps

Owning a heat pump is more like owning a car. The more you know how it works, the better you can understand the warning signs it gives when things are not okay.

Doing simple repairs is the best way to learn more about your heat pump.

In addition to being able to detect problems before they occur, having a basic knowledge of heat pumps will help you avoid getting ripped off by dishonest repair service providers. If such a pro tells you your pump need more repairs than necessary, you’ll easily tell them off.

Need Complex Heat Pump Repair? Call the Pros

Just how far are you willing to stretch your desire to save money on heat pump repairs?

Well, if you’re not an expert, the most you can do is change the air filters, remove leaves and other debris, and adjust the thermostat.

If the heat pump develops a complex problem — like when coils need cleaning or the unit won’t power on– trying to fix it yourself won’t be a smart money move. You may end up causing further damage and, as a consequence, risk paying for more repairs.

You need a pro to diagnose and fix the problem.

Pros Give You More Than Repairs

When you hire heat pump repair pros in Gilbert, AZ, you’re getting more than repairs for the specific problem your unit has.

The best repair pros will also inspect your unit, identify other parts that are wearing out, and perform basic maintenance, often at no extra cost.

You’ll also have a greater peace of mind knowing your unit was repaired and maintained by pros. You won’t be expecting the unit to break down anytime soon.

DIY or Call the Pros? Pick Up the Phone

When you heat pump is not performing as it should, the temptation to repair it yourself is always there.

Yes, you’ll probably save some money, but you won’t be too sure whether you did everything right. Heat pumps are costly devices, and they thank you most when you let the pros work on them.

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