The 5 Most Common Air Conditioner Problems in Gold Canyon Arizona

Air conditioner issues can be a nightmare for homeowners. When not properly maintained, your AC unit can drive your electric bills up through the roof, not to mention failing to keep your house cool in the hottest months of the year. It can be even worse if you’re far away from the city and aren’t sure if you have access to solid repair services. Discover the five most common air conditioner problems in Gold Canyon, Arizona and how you can troubleshoot these issues in your system.

Problem 1: Coolant Leaks

Coolant leaks can present a major problem with your AC unit. As coolant runs low, the unit will be less effective and can eventually stop working altogether. Have you noticed the fan blowing and air moving through the exchange, but the air isn’t cool? You may well have a coolant problem. This has to be repaired by a trained air conditioning repair service in Gold Canyon.

Problem 2: Maintenance Schedule Failure

It’s vital to keep up with a regular schedule of routine maintenance on your system. While calling in the pros is always recommended, there are things you can do on your own as well. Check and clean or change your filters every three months. Check and clean your coils at the same time. This will keep your system from overworking and even from breaking down.

Problem 3: Failing Electrical Coils

As your system ages, the coils can wear down, become fouled with dirt and deposits and eventually break down. Preventing this from happening is a matter of keeping up with maintenance and cleaning. Unfortunately, if they do fail you’ll need a pro to handle repairs.

Problem 4: Issues with Sensors

Every air conditioner has a thermostat sensor that maintains the ideal temperature you set in your house. When these sensors start to go bad, your system might overwork or underwork, and this can result in sub-optimal cooling as well as high-energy bills. There are two things you can do to address these problems. The first is to install a modern, programmable thermostat. This will give you maximum control over your system, potentially even via the use of a mobile app.

The second thing to do is ensure proper placement. Set the thermostat in a central location and preferably the room where you will be spending the most time. This will ensure the right temperature in the room you need it the most.

Problem 5: Issues with Drainage

Finally, your drainage system is essential to keeping the AC running smooth and free. When the drainage pipe becomes clogged with algae or foreign objects, the AC won’t work as well and some units may simply shut off. Fortunately, this can often be easily fixed by simply affixing a wet-dry shop vac to your system and sucking the clog free.

If you’re in the Gold Canyon area, there’s a service that can help you maintain your system. Call on [company_name] if you need help troubleshooting any challenges you have with your AC unit, and we’ll get you back up and running in no time.


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