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Mark Daniels Air Conditioning & Heating Maintenance Program

Regular Maintenances:

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Significantly reduce monthly energy bills
  • Extend parts life
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Keep In Good Standing With Warranty

In a temperate weather location like Metro Phoenix, keeping your heating and cooling system running strong is incredibly vital. This is often accomplished when a professional heating and cooling maintenance company completes routine service and maintenance; always customized to your individual cooling or heating system. For more than 20 years, homeowners in Mesa have depended on Mark Daniels Air Conditioning & Heating for all their AC and heating system maintenance solutions.

As a reliable provider of quality-driven and hassle-free heating and cooling system service, repair, installations, and maintenance since 1996, Mark Daniels Air Conditioning & Heating has established a solid reputation for providing quality and value to homeowners with all our services. One of the programs we offer is an HVAC maintenance program.

Over the years, our dedicated team of expert heating and air conditioning service experts has provided maintenance on all make, models and types of HVAC systems. Our diversity in repairs has taught us the value of creating maintenance solutions for individual systems.

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    Mark Daniels Air Conditioning & Heating Maintenance Program

    Mark Daniels Air Conditioning & Heating has completed service, repairs, and installations on multiple brands and types of cooling and heating systems since 1996. One critical item we’ve learned over the years is that each type or brand of HVAC system requires different routine maintenance in order to keep it as efficient as possible. This is why we always customize our maintenance programs for each individual customer and type of system they have keeping their homes cool or warm throughout the year.

    In general, we offer maintenance programs in annual increments, meaning you can set up a maintenance program for one year, two, or as long as you own your home or your cooling or heating system. Most of our annual maintenance programs are twice per year, once in the spring and once in the fall. This ensures both your cooling and heating system is well maintained before and after constant or frequent use. This program also allows our expert technicians to complete a 53-point indoor and outdoor inspection; that can detect small problems that can morph into larger, more expensive repairs if they are not fixed as soon as possible.

    When Mark Daniels Air Conditioning & Heating completes any service inspection, we make sure to inspect all areas that impact your heating and cooling system. If an issue is discovered that requires repair, our customers will receive a 10% discount on parts and labor. Additionally, having an annual maintenance program with Mark Daniels Air Conditioning & Heating allows our customers to receive priority on the schedule if they have a breakdown or when they call to schedule their maintenance check.

    Outlining Our 53-Point Inspection

    Anytime a Mark Daniels Air Conditioning & Heating service technician arrives at your location to complete a tune-up on your system they follow a detailed 53-point inspection that will examine critical indoor and outdoor components of your heating and cooling systems. Customers can book individual tune-ups as needed, or create an annual maintenance agreement which provides (2) tune-ups per year.

    Rheem Air Conditioner with Energy StarWhether you have a modern Energy Star® rated HVAC system or an older AC unit or gas powered furnace, we have the experience to keep it running strong through our customized maintenance programs. We also are happy to work with our customers find replacement parts on different makes and models of heating and cooling systems. In some cases, replacement parts are covered under a manufacturer warranty (*However, these warranties typically do not include labor or service fees).

    Completing Outdoor Section Inspection

    Most AC systems are located outdoors and are subject to extreme temperatures, blowing wind and sand and even those unexpected monsoon season haboobs and thunderstorms.

    During Our Outdoor Inspection, We Will Complete Many Individual Checks Such As:

    • Fan motor bearings
    • Fan blade
    • Oil fan motor
    • Outdoor Coil
    • Inspect outdoor amp draw
    • Check high and low pressure
    • Compressor terminals
    • Check filters, thermostat, drain line and much more

    Completing Indoor Section Inspection

    While most AC systems are located outdoors, the blower section and air distribution is located indoors, either in a garage or indoor closet.

    The Mark Daniels Air Conditioning & Heating Maintenance Checklist Moves Indoors And Includes:

    • Check the fan motor bearings
    • Check blower wheel
    • Oil fan motor
    • Check indoor motor
    • Check motor and rated amp draw

    Heating Section Inspections

    For heating systems, we also complete a detailed inspection to determine the efficiency of a new HVAC heat system or gas powered furnaces. Although each heating system is unique, the items listed below are included as general items.

    Some Of The Items We Check Include:

    • Check heat strips
    • Check amp draw
    • Check sequencer or contractor
    • Check limit switch
    • Check combination fan motor
    • Check carbon monoxide
    • Check gas valve and gas leaks
    • Check ignition
    • Check defrost timer


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