Air Conditioner Repair: 5 Signs It’s Time To Call A Pro

The warm seasons are getting closer, and the only way to make sure your air conditioning system lasts through all of them is to make sure it’s working properly.

A lot of homeowners don’t recognize the signs their system needs repairs, and not addressing those problems right away can cause some much more expensive repairs down the road.

To make sure your system keeps working efficiently and effectively, watch out for any of these air conditioner repair signs. If you suspect your system needs some help, don’t wait to call an expert.

1. The Air Isn’t Cold

No matter how high you run your air conditioning system, the air that comes out just isn’t cold. This means your system has malfunctioned somewhere and can no longer do its job.

Either the compressor failed (the part of your system that makes the air cold) or the Freon levels are too low. A broken compressor can probably be saved, but if your Freon levels are off, you may have to replace the entire system.

So if you ever notice a problem with the temperature of your air, you should call a professional right away.

2. Bad Air Flow

This could be another sign of a damaged compressor. You can tell if you have an air flow issue if some rooms are getting cold but other rooms are still hot.

However, this could also mean you have a blockage in your air ducts. Debris could catch in the vents, blocking the cool air from getting through.

A buildup like this can also be a health hazard. You should get someone out to repair a system with bad airflow as soon as you can. Not only will this give you back your air conditioning, it will also ensure your family stays healthy.

3. Loud Sounds

Hearing any kind of sound you don’t think should be there, things like grinding and rattling sounds, means there’s something wrong in your air conditioning system. It may keep working for a while, but bad sounds is a good sign it’s on its way to a major break down.

And something like that could be very expensive to repair.

To stay on the safe side, you’ll want to call for an air conditioner repair as soon as you hear any strange sounds.

4. Strong or Musty Smells

Strong, bad smells coming from the air conditioning vents means your system’s wire insulation has burned out. Other musty smells usually mean there is mold growing in your system.

Both of these problems should be addressed right away, especially if you suspect mold growth.

5. Leaks Around Your System

If you notice moisture around your systems in places it shouldn’t be, you’re dealing with one of two problems.

The drain tube that disposes of condensation could be broken or at least blocked. By itself, this isn’t a serious problem, but it can lead to things like mold growth.

Or you could have a refrigerant leak. This type of leak is a major health risk, and you should get a repair expert as soon as possible to fix it.

Don’t Wait for Air Conditioner Repair

The longer you wait to repair your air conditioning system, the more pricey the repairs could be. Some of these damages pose a big risk to your family’s health, so you don’t want to hesitate anyway.


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