Common Issues with Ductless Mini Splits and How to Fix Them

Do you have a ductless mini-split system in your home?

If so, you probably love how energy efficient it is.

The U.S. Department of Energy actually recommends ductless mini-splits to homeowners because of how much less energy they use than some traditional cooling systems.

It makes ductless mini-split systems the ideal choice for those people interested in cooling their homes off without sacrificing energy efficiency.

There are, however, some ductless mini-split issues you may encounter when you have one of these systems in your home.

You should keep an eye out for them and know how to fix mini-split systems just in case one ever pops up.

In this article, we’re going to discuss a handful of the most common HVAC issues with ductless mini-splits and provide advice on how to correct them.

Learn more about these ductless mini-split issues below.

Struggling to Produce Cool Air

When you turn ductless mini-splits on in your home, you obviously expect them to cool it off quickly.

But this isn’t always going to happen when it’s experiencing ductless mini-split issues.

There are some instances in which you’ll be able to get a ductless mini-split system to start producing cool air again yourself.

You may be capable of doing it by changing the air filter in it or by tinkering with its thermostat settings.

But you might also have a bigger problem like a refrigerant leak or a blocked condenser coil on your hands.

In these cases, you’ll need to call on an experienced HVAC company to provide you with repair services for ductless mini-splits.

Allowing Humidity Levels to Climb

A good ductless mini-split system is going to do more than just pump out cool air when it’s running.

It’s also going to grab humidity from the air in your home and get rid of it fast.

It’s why you have every right to be concerned if your home suddenly feels more humid than usual.

It could indicate you’re dealing with another of the most common ductless mini-split issues.

You may find that your home’s humidity levels will spike if:

  • The fan in your ductless mini-split system is working too hard
  • Your ductless mini-split system is trying to cool off a part of your home that’s too large
  • The air filter in your ductless mini-split system needs to be replaced

Whatever the case, you shouldn’t continue to live in a home that’s way more humid than it should be.

It could lead to health concerns.

It could also result in a devastating mold outbreak in your home if you aren’t careful.

Failing to Drain Condensate Water

When your home’s ductless mini-split system is firing on all cylinders, it’s going to take humidity from inside your home, pull the moisture from it, and send it through a condensate drain line.

But every so often, this drain line will get clogged, and it’ll result in condensate water backing up into the water handler in a ductless mini-split system.

It’ll then sometimes begin to leak and do damage to the things around a ductless mini-split system.

If you ever have this issue with a ductless mini-split, you shouldn’t hesitate to call on an HVAC company for help.

They’ll send someone out to your home ASAP to investigate your issue and stop it from doing any more damage than it already has.

Making Strange Sounds

There are some sounds a ductless mini-split system will make that’ll be perfectly normal.

For example, if you hear it making a crackling sound, it might be an indication that it’s in defrost mode.

It’ll slip into this mode from time to time to prevent freezing over.

If, however, it seems to be in defrost mode all the time and making crackling sounds because of it, it may mean you have an issue on your hands.

Your ductless mini-split system may have low refrigerant levels, a malfunctioning circuit board, or faulty sensors.

Unless you have HVAC experience under your belt, you won’t want to try to diagnose which ductless mini-split issues you’re having when your system is making strange sounds.

You’ll be better off letting the HVAC professionals handle them.

Producing Terrible Smells

Does your ductless mini-split system smell moldy every time you turn it on?

This could suggest your condensate drain line is backed up and allowing mold to grow within your system.

Does your ductless mini-split system let off a vinegar smell when you fire it up?

This could let you know you have a refrigerant leak that’ll need to be dealt with soon.

Or does your ductless mini-split system produce a fishy smell when it’s up and running?

This could mean you have an electrical problem or a leak.

Either way, getting an HVAC company on the phone fast will be of the utmost importance.

Neglecting to Turn On

Most ductless mini-split systems can be turned on and off via remote control.

It’ll make it very convenient for you to take control of your system.

But you might find that your ductless mini-split system might not turn on for you when you use this remote.

It could be because the remote needs new batteries. Replacing them will do the trick.

There could also be a more serious ductless mini splits issue at play here.

Rather than trying to mess around with your ductless mini-split system yourself, it’d be a great idea to touch base with an HVAC company to talk about your problem and get it fixed.

Contact Us to Fix Ductless Mini-Splits for You

Having ductless mini-splits go down during a heat wave can be every bit as frustrating as having a central air conditioning system go down.

It’ll make your home way warmer than it should be and potentially even make it unsafe to live in.

If you ever have any ductless mini-split issues, Mark Daniels Air Conditioning and Heating will be here to help.

We can diagnose the problem you’re having with your ductless mini-split and get it going again.

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