home ac breakdowns common repairs that require a technician

Home AC Breakdowns: Common Repairs That Require a Technician

Home AC breakdowns aren’t just slight annoyances, especially in a place like Mesa.

In this part of Arizona, a broken-down AC can create a brutally hot situation.

As such, you need to be able to facilitate minor AC repairs.

Unfortunately, however, there are some AC repairs that everyday homeowners can’t handle.

These ones are best left to the professionals.

Wondering what they are? Then keep on reading.

Here are some common AC repairs that require a professional AC technician.

Patching Up a Leaking Refrigerant Line

Your AC’s refrigerant line runs from its condenser into your home.

It’s wrapped in insulation and is used to transfer refrigerant from the condenser to the blower unit.

Generally speaking, this line goes unscathed.

Unfortunately, from time to time, something will fall on it, potentially resulting in a leak.

When a refrigerant line leaks, the AC eventually ceases to create cool air.

Therefore, the line must be patched up and replaced with new refrigerant in a timely manner.

In most cases, DIYers are not able to facilitate this repair on their own.

It requires not only specialized tools and substances but advanced knowledge in HVAC technology.

Therefore, it’s best left to professional AC repair technicians.

Cleaning Air Ducts

As time passes, more and more airborne contaminants will make it into an air conditioning system.

Eventually, these contaminants will come to rest in the system’s adjoining ducts.

When this occurs, airflow is compromised and air quality is reduced.

Fortunately, you can clean out your ducts, keeping these problems to a minimum.

Unfortunately, cleaning air ducts is a lot harder than you would think it to be.

First off, you need to disassemble the air ducts.

That requires not only a number of tools but a lot of hard work as well.

In addition, you need a super-powered vacuum in order to suck debris out of the ducts.

This vacuum is costly, to say the least, and is generally not a wise purchase for the common homeowner.

This is why, when cleaning your air ducts, it’s best to turn to the assistance of a professional AC tech.

AC repair techs clean ducts on a regular basis and will be able to clean yours with great ease.

Fixing a Short Cycling Air Conditioner

A common problem with ACs is the problem of short cycling.

This is when an AC runs through exceedingly short cooling and rest cycles.

While these cycles are supposed to go for between 10 and 15 minutes per iteration, short cycles usually only last for a minute or less.

This problem crops up in a number of circumstances.

Sometimes, it’s due to a mis sized AC unit.

On other occasions, it’s due to dirty evaporator coils or thermostat sensors.

You might be able to fix these problems on your own.

However, you’re bound to have trouble diagnosing them.

For this reason, if your AC unit is short cycling, you’re strongly advised to utilize the services of a pro AC repair technician.

Electrical Component Replacement

In some cases, the electrical components of an air conditioner will wear down.

This typically occurs in situations where an AC has short cycled over long periods of time.

From the electrical wiring to the electrical terminals to the motor within the AC and more, all sorts of electrical components can meet their early demise.

Unless you have extensive electrical knowledge, you’re going to need a seasoned professional to fix these problems for you.

Your local HVAC technician will assess the specifics of the issue and then take all necessary action.

In some cases, however, a burnt-out electrical component could spell the end of your entire unit.

In such cases, the entire AC needs to be replaced.

Your HVAC technician can do that for you as well.

Clearing Out the Condensate Line

During the hottest of months, your air conditioner is bound to produce condensation.

This occurs when the warm air makes contact with the evaporator coils.

Small droplets of condensation form and go down the unit’s condensate line.

Ideally, the droplets will drain out of the condensate line completely.

Unfortunately, in many cases, other substances make their way into the condensate line, causing it to become clogged.

In these situations, you need to take action to unclog the condensate line.

If you don’t, the line could back up, resulting in water making its way into your home.

Now, you could attempt to clear out the condensate line on your own.

Note, though, that the task is better facilitated by a seasoned AC repair technician.

Replacing Components

All sorts of air conditioner components can go bad over time.

From the condenser coils to the evaporator coils to the blower motor to the impeller and more, these components can incur damage and need to be replaced before the air conditioner itself has bitten the dust.

When these situations present themselves, you’re strongly advised to call up an AC repair technician.

They have the tools and knowledge necessary to replace these components correctly.

In all likelihood, you don’t.

A pro AC technician will not only replace your component for you but supply you with a high-quality replacement component as well.

In the end, it all results in a safe and proper replacement.

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