5 HVAC Tips to Prepare for Fall

Your HVAC system will get you through the fall and winter hump if you maintain it accordingly.

When the temperatures start dropping, it might be too late to get the repairs you need.

The HVAC Tips That Will Get You Through The Fall

Caring for your HVAC system is a year-round process, but these five tips will be helpful to you. Use them accordingly, as you also shop around for a great HVAC contractor to assist:

#1: Seal The Cracks

When you need to brave the fall temperatures, the last thing you want is chilly air making its way inside.

Get your home inspected by an insulation contractor and have them seal cracks. Having cracks in your walls can cause you to lose 35 percent of the heat in your home.

#2: Get An Inspection And A Tuneup

Calling up an HVAC pro to inspect your house will make sure your system is working well.

They’ll be able to offer you a system tuneup so that there’s no wasted energy when fall arrives. Many HVAC professionals have a pre-season checklist that they can take your system through, allowing you to get ready.

This will be a small purchase that goes a long way for the quality of your HVAC system.

#3: Replace The System If You Think It’ll Die On You

It’s best to change your HVAC system now, rather than having it struggle through the fall.

This is one of the most sound HVAC tips you can follow since winter is just around the corner as well. Shop around for rates on a brand new HVAC system.

When you shop, you’ll get listings and specifications for any system that you think will serve your home best. Get plenty of estimates, since these systems can cost upwards of $5,000.

#4: Change Out Your Air Filters

Changing the filters is a basic form of heating and cooling maintenance that will help the system work best.

Failing to change the filters will allow them to clog, which also circulates dirty air. Getting your filters changed right before the fall lets you keep your bills low as the temperature dips.

#5: Install A New Thermostat

Have an HVAC professional test your thermostat before fall gets here, to see if you need a new one.

These contractors will test the thermostat to see if the temperatures are properly calibrated and to be sure it’s communication with the electric system.

If the contractor finds that your thermostat is failing, it might be best to install a new one rather than trying to get through the fall with it.

Hire The Right HVAC Shop

All of these HVAC tips boil down to one important matter — you need to hire the best pros for the job.

Hiring a subpar HVAC company to handle this work means that you’ll go into the fall season unprepared.

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