What You Need to Know About Central Air Installation


1. Understand Your Air Ducts

The first thing to look into is your air duct system. Just because you have air ducts doesn’t mean that they are good.

Old air ducts may have cracks or loose areas that allow air to escape. This means that even with a new central air conditioning system your house still may not cool down.

Before you get anything installed, you should schedule an air duct inspection. Then you can decide whether you want to purchase a system that works with the ducts or one that works without.

2. Don’t Forget About the Filter

Second, don’t forget about getting a good filter. Filters will help keep your house and the inhabitants inside clean and healthy.

Filters help to purge your house from dust mites and other specks floating in the air. Did you know dust mites are the most common trigger for asthma and allergies? While you might not suffer from either of these diseases, thousands of Americans do. These filters will help keep them healthy and make your space feel cleaner, especially if you live in a humid environment.

3. Understand Your State’s Incentivization

Third, you should understand your state’s incentivization. Many states will reward homes that have efficient air conditioning units.

Not only that but the more efficient your unit is the less expensive it will be to operate as well. Here are five other mistakes that could lead to a high AC bill

Talk with your contractor about the different efficiency levels, and which one would work best with your home.

4. Think about Timing

Next, think about timing. The worst time for a central air installation project is in the middle of the summer or a heat wave.

Instead, if your central air conditioning unit isn’t working like how you want, don’t wait. Get it fixed before the temperatures soar.

5. Get the Right Size

The last thing to check before you purchase your installation unit is to get the right size.

A big AC unit may seem exciting, but if it doesn’t fit right with your home and air ducts, it could cause more problems. Your installation expert will be able to explain the different sizes that will work best for you.

Start Your Central Air Installation

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