AC Replacement Process in Mesa

What Is the AC Replacement Process in Mesa AZ?

Replacing an air conditioner isn’t always an easy process.

However, that doesn’t mean that it’s particularly difficult either.

As long as you have an understanding of what the process entails, you should be able to take it in stride.

As such, we’re going to explain the AC replacement process below, helping you understand exactly what you’re up against.

Here is everything you need to know about having your AC replaced by an air conditioning service.

The Initial Assessment

The replacement begins with an initial assessment.

A heating and cooling specialist comes to your home to take a look at its size, dimensions, and existing AC unit.

This helps the specialist to determine which size of AC unit is appropriate.

This assessment also provides the specialist with an opportunity to plan out the replacement.

They’ll be able to visualize what’s needed and what steps to take upon the initiation of the replacement itself.

Of course, you can also ask questions during this assessment.

Voice any concerns you might have and get a good feel for what exactly is going to occur on the day of the replacement.

Deciding On the Type

Once your HVAC specialist has decided on the size of the AC you need, they will help you pick a specific type of air conditioner.

There are all sorts of efficiency ratings to choose from, not to mention a variety of brands and models.

When choosing, be sure to read reviews from actual homeowners.

Yes, your HVAC specialist will help you make your choice.

However, the buck ultimately stops with you.

Preparing the Replacement Area

Now that you’ve decided on the type of air conditioner that you’re going to install, the replacement itself will commence.

Prior to your HVAC technician arriving for the replacement, you should be sure to move things out of affected areas.

In addition, if you have any pets in your home, you should confine them to a locked room.

This will not only keep your pets from getting into the ductwork and other AC components but will also ensure that they can’t do any harm to the individuals who are installing your AC.

After the installers arrive, they’ll also implement preparation measures.

These include moving furniture out of the way of AC components and laying down tarps as a means of protecting floors.

Note that they might also place tarps over furniture so that they’re protected from dust and other debris.

Removing the Existing Unit

Next, your AC installer will remove your existing unit.

To do this, they’ll first turn off the power that goes to the unit.

Then, they’ll drain all of the refrigerant liquid that still exists within the unit.

There are strict regulations on how you can dispose of HVAC units.

Therefore, it’s generally the best practice to let your HVAC company take care of the disposal for you.

They’ll load it into a van or truck and take it to where it needs to go.

Assessing the Duct Work

After the existing unit has been removed, your AC installer will then assess your existing ductwork.

This is done to determine whether it requires any alterations.

It also helps ensure that no repairs are needed.

If ductwork alterations are needed, your installer will facilitate them before installing your new AC unit itself.

Make note that ductwork alterations will increase both the length and price of the installation.

Installing the New Unit

Now, it’s time for your air conditioning service to install your new unit.

They’ll not only hook it up to your electrical system but also ensure that the condenser is properly connected to the blower mechanism.

They’ll then ensure that the blower is properly connected to the ductwork.

It typically takes 4 to 8 hours for a professional to install a central AC unit.

In other words, the installation will generally be completed within a single day.

Testing the New Unit

Before your HVAC technician departs your home, they will test your new AC unit to ensure that it’s working properly.

First, they’ll test for adequate pressure. Then, they’ll test for adequate vacuum power.

If adequate pressure and vacuum power are verified, your installer will add fresh refrigerant to your unit.

This is what allows the unit to produce cold air.

Learning How to Use the New Unit

And with that, your AC unit will be good to go.

Now, all that’s left to do is to learn how to use it.

If you’ve already used an AC unit (and you presumably have), you’ll know exactly what to do.

That said, you could have specific questions about your new unit, in particular.

If so, your HVAC specialist will almost certainly be able to answer them.

Don’t be afraid to ask while your HVAC tech is still on the premises; you’ll be less likely to do so at a later date.

Time to Get the AC Replacement Process Underway

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