How To Avoid AC Damage from a Haboob in Arizona

If you’re new to the Southeast Phoenix area, you may not have heard of a haboob. These are major dust storms that crop up this time of year and can cause severe damage to property. People need to understand the dangers they face from these events, how to predict when they might hit and what can happen to your AC unit in such a storm. It’s important to protect your unit and avoid the major costs of repair and replacement. Learn how to avoid AC damage from a haboob in Arizona, how to be aware of the dangers of these dust storms and how to protect your investments.

Step One: Be Prepared for Haboob Season

The best way to protect your AC system is to be prepared in advance. Unfortunately, there’s no real way to accurately predict a haboob, so you need to be prepared for one to arise all the time. Some of the things that can result in major damage to your AC unit during a dust storm include dust and debris trapped inside the system, broken tree limbs and branches and blowing debris that damages the unit when it strikes.


Step Two: Cover the System

When we talk about covering the system, we’re talking about enclosing it in a solid structure. Don’t tightly band a tarp over your system because this will stifle it. AC systems need the right amount of free space around them for air circulation. Make sure that the shelter is solid enough to withstand the high winds of Arizona dust storms but also leaves 2-3 feet of space on the sides and 3-5 feet above the unit.


Step Three: After Storm Cleanup

After the storm passes make sure you thoroughly clean up around and inside your unit. Remove any dust and debris that’s built up around the area. Remove loose branches and check both your filter and coils for dirt and grime. Check the drainage system for clogs and if any are present use a wet/dry vac to clear the pipes. The more thoroughly you clean out your unit, the better off you’ll be.


Step Four: Use a Surge Protector

One of the greatest dangers to any electrical system from any storm is an electrical discharge from lightning which can cause a power surge. Lightning doesn’t even have to strike your home; it can hit a nearby power line and cause a surge that goes into your system.

Using a surge protector on all your electronics can ensure everything is grounded and protected. This is a relatively inexpensive way to protect important and expensive electronics and electrical appliances. Make sure you’re protecting both the outside unit and the inside of your home.


If you’re not sure how to proceed and be fully protected against the damage presented by haboobs, contact a qualified HVAC contractor in Southeast Phoenix and have them come out and take a look. [company_name] is here to help in any way you need. Just give us a call for answers to all your questions or an appointment for maintenance and help today.


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