Save Money on Air Conditioning in Chandler & Gilbert

These days, we’re all looking to save money on utilities and energy consumption. If we can do it while being environmentally friendly, that’s even better. One of the best ways to lower your energy bill is to make your AC usage more efficient. If you want to keep your family and pets cool but don’t want to deal with skyrocketing energy bills, you just have to be careful. Learn six outstanding ways to save money on air conditioning in Chandler & Gilbert, reduce your usage, lower your energy bills and be eco-friendly.

Install a Modern Thermostat

Even if you’ve recently upgraded your entire AC condenser, have you upgraded your thermostat with it? Modern thermostats are completely programmable, allowing you an unprecedented level of control over the function of your unit. Tell the AC when to kick on and off and at what level to maintain temperatures automatically. Set different temperatures for when you’re at home, at work or out and about. Some can even be controlled remotely by smartphone.


Keep Your Filters Clean

Your AC filters should be cleaned and changed out every three months. A good rule of thumb is to check your filter at the change of every season—each equinox and each solstice. Doing this will greatly improve the efficiency of your AC unit.


Call for Regular Maintenance

A regular schedule of routine maintenance from a qualified provider of air conditioner service in Chandler can make all the difference in the world. It makes sure your unit is always clean, the machinery working efficiently and can catch small issues before they become serious, expensive repairs.


How Old Are Your Windows?

Few people stop to consider the age of their windows when thinking about increasing the efficiency of their air conditioner unit, but it makes a difference. Windows are sealed when they’re installed, but over time these seals weaken and degrade. If it’s been a good decade or more since you’ve had new windows, you should think about replacing them. It’ll save you money.


Air Circulation Matters

How often have you heard people claim that you don’t need a fan if you have AC and that fans will increase your energy costs? The truth is quite the opposite. The better the air circulation in your home, the more efficient your AC unit will be. Using a fan doesn’t require a great deal of electricity, but it will reduce the strain on the air conditioner.


Use Energy-Efficient Appliances

Finally, modern AC units are far more efficient than older ones. If you’re in the market to replace your unit, consider doing so with a compressor that’s marked as Energy Star compliant. This can save you tons of money on your energy costs, and it’s eco-friendly as well.


When the time comes to save costs on your energy bills while making sure you keep your loved ones cool and comfortable, call a local AC service company for help. [company_name] can help troubleshoot your system and make all the recommendations you need. Get in touch today!


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