How to Prepare Your AC Unit for Monsoon Season

AC Storm Preparation Tips for Arizona Residence

Regular Maintenance:

How you prepare your AC unit for monsoon season starts well before the weather shift. First and foremost, get your AC units Spring/Summer maintenance out of the way. Don’t disregard  The Importance of regular maintenances. Having confidence in knowing your AC unit is going to make it through the worst of Arizona’s monsoon season will give you peace of mind. Reach out to a Mark Daniels representative, and you’ll get a professional who will take the time to properly inspect your unit. This way, if there are parts that need to be cleaned, repaired, or replaced,  you can have a Mark Daniels Professional do that at the time of inspection instead of waiting for a monsoon to hit and potentially dealing with a larger, more expensive repair. During monsoon season clogged drain lines can cause thousands of dollars in repairs. Prepare your AC unit for stormy weather with confidence knowing Mark Daniels AC has your back.


Regularly Change Your Filters:

Checking and changing your filters regularly (about once a month) is imperative in the summer months. We also suggest checking your AC unit’s filters after a monsoon hits. Haboobs bring in massive amounts of dust and debris, which means your filters can clog up faster than they normally would.

Clogged AC filters can cause several problems:

  1.  Filters clogged with dirt and debris can cause your AC unit to work harder and run longer than necessary. Which can cause your electric bill to soar, and harm your HVAC unit.
  2. Clogged filters can decrease the quality of your indoor air. A filter can only catch and hold so much debris. Once an air filter is full, dust and debris will deteriorate your indoor air quality.


Make Sure The Area Around Your AC is Cleared:

Finally, prepare your AC unit for monsoon season by preparing the area around your unit. We recommend a 3 Foot Radius to be cleared around your AC unit. This will help prevent anything from getting into or falling on your system, which could cause damage to your AC unit.

You clearly cannot protect your AC from all of the debris that comes with monsoon force winds, but you can take some precautions.

1. Not planting shrubs or trees within 3-5 feet of your AC

2. Do not place objects that could potentially lead to damage of your AC within 3-5 feet.

Allowing room around your AC will give it room to breathe and help rid your home of heat. Ensuring you stay cool all summer long.



Have more questions regarding how to prepare your AC unit for monsoon season in Arizona? Reach out to your local HVAC experts. The HVAC experts at Mark Daniels Air Conditioning & Heating are dedicated to providing exceptional repair services. If your AC isn’t working properly, get in touch with us today!

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