3 Warning Signs You Need A New HVAC Unit

An average new HVAC unit lasts between 15 25 years. If you do not take proper care of your system, there are a range of issues that could — and will arise.

One major issue is that you will lose your heating/central air conditioning if your unit stops working. Luckily, there are warning signs that you can look out for that will help you keep your HVAC system in tip-top condition.

Let’s take a look at some of the warning signs you need a new  HVAC unit is on its last leg, and how to prevent costly, unexpected repairs.

What is that Sound?


If you have a properly functioning HVAC unit, you probably don’t even know it is there. On the other hand, if your unit is clanking and clacking throughout the night, keeping you and your loved ones awake, you are probably more than aware of your loud heating/cooling unit.

When there are sounds coming from your basement, it isn’t a monster, but it is a sign of some scary costs if you don’t actively maintain your HVAC syst


Banging and clanking is a sure sign that something is loose or malfunctioning within your unit. The cause can range from an old part to a wrong size filter, and everything in between,

In most cases, the loud sounds will only get worse until the unit stops working completely. You do not want to be left without heating/cooling — regardless of the season.

Did I Repair What?

Another warning sign that you need a new HVAC unit is when you can’t remember the last time you repaired/replace your current unit. A good rule of thumb is to get your system looked at annually.

An annual inspection of your unit is similar to the way you are supposed to visit your doctor once a year. You may not NEED to go to the doctor yearly — however, there are benefits.

They can help you identify problems that haven’t manifested yet — regarding both doctors and HVAC experts. Furthermore, HVAC specialists can help replace filters, tighten bolts, and many other small tweaks that will keep your HVAC running correctly.

Not knowing when your last inspection occurred is another surefire warning sign that you may need a new system.

I Can’t Breathe

The last warning sign that your HVAC system is failing is poor air quality. If you notice that you’re having a hard time breathing due to the air quality, it is likely time for a new HVAC system.

An old unit can spread harmful contaminants such as mold and bacteria to other parts of the home. If this system to allowed to exist without regular maintenance or replacement, it will only get worse. The results can range from trouble sleeping to increased asthma/bronchitis episodes.

If you notice a dip in your air quality, you need to consider getting a new unit in your home.

Conclusion/Getting a New HVAC Unit

Getting a new unit is nothing to mess around with, the implications are serious for you and your family. A new HVAC system will keep your household warm in the winter, but cool in the summer. You will also protect your family from poor air quality — which is a must.

If any of these warning signs apply to you, or if you just have questions, please contact us today so we can help you get the perfect HVAC unit for your home.



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