Save Money by Shading AC Units During Summertime in Arizona

Every Arizona homeowner is looking for ways to save money and conserve energy. But in the dead of the summer, we need our air conditioning units. When you’re in the midst of the brutal summer months, how can you keep cool and still count on your system? The answer can sometimes be as simple as adding some shading to the unit. Discover how you can save money by shading AC units during summertime and how it’s an effective solution to energy costs and efficiency.

Can AC Shading Actually Work?

According to the federal Department of Energy, the answer to this question is a resounding “yes.” Just a little bit of shade can go a very long way in keeping things cooler. When your AC unit is hot, it needs to work a lot harder to transmit cool air into your home.

Placing it in the shade can lower the ambient temperature around it by as much as nine degrees. This, in turn, can actually increase the efficiency of the unit by a whopping 10%. That can translate to a pretty significant savings in energy costs and bills related to your AC unit.


What’s the Best Way to Shade My Unit?

Remember that your unit needs plenty of open space around it to function properly and efficiently. This means you need to take this into account when shading it. Some people have the mistaken notion that putting a cover over a unit will protect and shade it—this is entirely untrue, and covering your unit can actually stifle it and interfere with its functionality.

When shading your unit make sure that there is at least a five-foot clearance above it and three feet on each side. Placing it under an awning or porch can be a great solution to protect it from the elements and still provide plenty of shade as well as room to let it function properly.


Are There Other Ways to Lower Energy Bills?

There are plenty of approaches you can take to lower your energy bills and still keep cool. The first is to keep your system in prime working condition. Change out filters at least every three months with the change of seasons, and more often if necessary. Clean your coils when you check your filter. Get an annual tune-up from a qualified service for air conditioning in Southeast Phoenix Arizona.

You might also consider shading your windows using awnings and the like, which can help to decrease the internal ambient temperature of the house. Keep lamps and electronics away from the thermostat as they will trick it into thinking it’s warmer than it is.


These are just a few tips to keep your home cool in the summer while saving money on energy bills. If you’re looking for a great service in Southeast Phoenix, [company_name] can help to service your system on a regular basis and keep it running efficiently and clean. For more information or to get started, give us a call for an appointment today!


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