Broken Furnace? Here’s What Your Should Do If Your Furnace Stops Working

Are you dealing with a broken furnace and don’t know how to fix it?

Before you do anything, you need to find the problem and see if your furnace is actually broken rather than temporarily defunct.

Many times, what looks like a serious problem can be simply resolved by turning some options on and off.

For instance, improperly configured thermostat or switched off gas valves may be the reasons why your furnace won’t heat.

So keep reading to discover the main furnace malfunction problems and how you can fix them.

First Steps on What To Do If Your Furnace Stops Working

See If the Thermostat is Working Properly

If you think your furnace is broken, head over to the thermostat to check if it’s working properly.

If you have a programmed thermostat, you may need to adjust it a little so the furnace starts heating.

First, the thermostat should be turned on ‘heat’. Then, you should set the preferred temperature and enter the correct time and date.

Usually, these small fixes solve the problem. If they don’t, look for the furnace’s switches. These need to be turned on in order for the entire heating system to set off.

Check the Furnace Filters

The furnace filters must be clean and free of debris at all times. Otherwise, they can easily clog and lead to a broken furnace.

Warm air can’t pass through blockages, so it can easily overheat the heat exchanger and shut the furnace down.

Clean or change the furnace filters at least once a month and check them regularly.

Make sure to turn off the furnace and thermostat completely before you handle the filters.

Check the Furnace Vents

If your furnace stops working, you may need to take a quick peak outside. If you have a furnace with external vents for intake and exhaust, check them for debris and blockages.

Although the pipes have screen mesh protection, they may still clog. This prevents the air from flowing, resulting in a broken or dysfunctional furnace.

Clean the mesh screen from the debris, as well as the area around the pipes. If the screen is too thin, buy a thicker one that’ll hold leaves and other dirt well. Also, during the heating season, check the pipes once in a while to make sure they’re not blocked.

Check if the Gas Is On

What you see as a broken furnace may easily be a turned off gas valve. The gas handle should be parallel to the gas pipe. In older furnaces, you’ll notice a pilot light that should be turned on.

Make sure to check your manufacturer manual for detailed instructions. If you’re still not able to fix the problem, call a professional to handle it for you.

Now You Know How To Repair a Broken Furnace!

If your furnace is non-functional, these tips will help you fix the most common problems.

If these initial steps on what to check and do if your furnace stops working do not resolve your heating issues, it’s time to call for professional help.

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