Your Guide to Getting the Best AC Repair Quote in Queen Creek AZ

Homeowners in Southeast Phoenix rely on their air conditioners to make life tolerable in the hottest months of the year. When they break down, it’s not a luxury getting them fixed—it’s a necessity. However, there are so many repair services out there and it’s very legitimate to be concerned about paying too much. Knowing the right tactics to getting a fair deal is essential to finding an honest and reliable contractor. Discover the secrets to getting the best AC repair quote in Southeast Phoenix to keep your system running strong without breaking your budget.

Understand the Basics of AC Repair

If you understand the basics of repairing your air conditioner, there’s a lot of things you can do on your own to keep your system running well and lower the overall costs you’ll face. Just by keeping your coils clean and your filters fresh, that can take you a long way. Change your filter and clean your coils at least once every three months, on the change of seasons. The process is easy and anyone can do it!


The Anatomy of an AC Quote

When you get a quote from a prospective AC contractor, make sure that everything is covered. Don’t just look for the actual repair services. Check for costs of labor, for parts and for any taxes, fees, and surcharges that are added on. Make sure that the quote you receive covers every aspect of the services you’re getting, and don’t be afraid to ask hard questions about those charges.

If you find that there are hidden charges not listed in your quote, you need to question why that is. Even if the quote might come in lower with the unlisted fees, can you trust someone who isn’t upfront about what they’re charging?


Compare Offers from Several Contractors

Don’t be afraid to shop around. That’s the only way to get the best deal. Never go with the first service you encounter. They may indeed end up the best option, but you’ll never know if you don’t talk to others. In fact, if a service tries to pressure you into using them without talking to anyone else, that’s a red flag. Solid, honest and trustworthy services will be glad to back their offers against others.


Is the Repair a Warranty Fix?

Finally, check your warranty guide for your system. Is it a warranty fix? If so, what steps do you need to take to avoid paying fees for repairs? Some contractors may be able to affect warranty fixes. Others may have to be performed by factory techs. Check the warranty guide and contact the manufacturer if you need help.

If the system itself is out of warranty, ask for warranty coverage on the repairs you’re getting. A good technician will always stand behind their work, and they’ll make sure that you’re covered for parts and repairs if something goes wrong within a certain period.


If you’re in need of home air conditioning repair in Southeast Phoenix, call Mark Daniels Air Conditioning & Heating to get started. We’ll offer you a fair deal with honest and trustworthy techs, and we’ll back our work every step of the way. Get in touch for a quote today.

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